About Us

We are a nationwide professional estimating services company located in Tallmadge, Ohio. Over the past 10+ years we have worked with large and small Electric, Plumbing and HVAC Contractors. We prepare all types of projects in commercial, industrial and public utility field. We are also experienced in handling projects in the residential field if requested.

We are not your average estimating company. The clients we work with understand implementing successful strategies do not happen over night. Long term solutions require time, professional instruction and a client open to changing the way they have been doing business in the past. Our personal approach allows us to understand our clients current needs, the goals they want to achieve and the culture of their company. We identify the current needs of our customers, identify problems they are facing and work together to fix them. We continue to grow year after year and our customer retention rate remains high based on our unique approach to estimating and winning our clients money making projects.

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