The Science Behind the Estimate

Numbers Analysis: An experienced consultant will review your current overhead, labor hours, labor rates and the number of jobs you have won. Then we will compute this information and decide what type of projects you should be bidding on.

Project Qualification: Choosing the right project to bid isn’t a matter of “just bidding to bid.” You have the option of providing projects to us to bid, or we help locate projects that are tailored to your needs. These projects are ALWAYS agreed upon by both parties before the estimating process can begin. WE DO NOT ESTIMATE THE SAME PROJECT WITH MULTIPLE SUBS OF THE SAME TRADE. Once a project is reserved for you, other subs of the same trade in your area, cannot have that project estimated by Astra, they will need to choose another project.

Acquire Plans: Plans can be obtained in several ways: Astra will get them, the contractor will supply them either Fed Ex or email, or a hard copy can be ordered. Verification of project information such as bid dates, whether the job is union, non-union, or open shop, etc. will be performed to ensure the project is viable, before plans are ordered.

Accurate Estimating: Once the project is in the estimators hands, all specs are read and plans and scope of work are reviewed. Procedures for estimating at Astra have built in checks and balances to minimize errors. Our on screen take-off allows us to have better control over how we set up a project and reduces errors. We use your suppliers for all material pricing and equipment. We will find additional suppliers should you have few suppliers or no suppliers at all.

Relationship Building: Obtaining a bidders list that includes all bidders is vital to winning a project. You often provide us your “invites to bid” from a specific contractor. We will find the other contractors bidding the project and make sure your estimate gets into their hand. We work hard to make your company “known” to the General Contractors in your area.

Bid Closeout: Knowing how the numbers need to come together on bid day for a competitive estimate is just as important as an accurate take-off. The close out takes place a few hours before bid time. Our numbers analysis will be performed and important information regarding the bid will be shared with you.  Finally, any adjustments to the estimate requires approval from the subcontractor prior to the bid being sent out.

Results and Bid Tracking: Winning the bid does not stop on bid day. Post bid follow up calls are made to confirm who won the bid, and what your placement was compared to other bidders. We use the  information to adjust numbers on the next bid, when necessary. Lastly, we call for results on ALL estimates that are sent out for bid as this step is crucial to increasing bid win ratios.

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